Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Live graffiti at the new MINI presentation in Sant Cugat

Berok group paiting at the presentation

We are showing you the making off of Berok group participation in the new Mini presentation held the 4th of April in Sant Cugat del Valles.

This is the design:

The original idea was allocating the new Mini over a street painting style Barcelona Skyline background including some texts and logos, although some changes were made on the way.

Our team set the stretcher frame and canvas before the party started

Stretcher frame preparation

First brush-strokes
Live painting show in Munich Motor Sant Cugat
Live painting exhibition
Munich Motor in Sant Cugat
Barcelona Skyline mural
Berok group in action
Mural reflected on the door glass

Presentation event

Besides our live painting show the party was plenty of surprises!!!
Munich Motor Sant Cugat

Dancing show during the party

The new Mini

General view

Mini history overview

Ormo and Leim painting

And... this is the end result!!

Once the painting was finished, we set everything for the painting to be displayed in the dealer

Rolling the canvas

End of the party...

And, once more we could say Challenge achieved!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Extra Large mural decoration for a playground

New room in Jungla Park in Gavà
It is not always needed to overdecorate the walls to get a good result. This new room has a different design, less dripping and suitable for children, teens and adults because this room will be used for different activities as yoga and dancing among others.

Here you have some pictures about the decoration process where you will find parrots, games, a goal, a child with his hands painted, black silhouettes of dancing people and many more decorations.

Pistachio colour painting used for the walls

and also pistachio background

professional painters

ExtraLarge mural decoration

Black dancing silhouettes mural

Logo Jungla Park mural

detail of the decoration

 Trompe l'oeil of a goal on the wall

Decorated wall


Painted hands mural

Decorated mural: goal and child

Jungla Park Gava parrot

Painting process

Let's play!


Magician mural decoration

For more information about the playgrounds we have painted, please visit:

Mural painted in Vall Hebron Hospital, Barcelona parque infantil del hospital de la Vall Hebrón 
Regarding the bottom of the sea grafitti: murales de fondos marinos
Extra large murals murales XXL

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